Asian Body Therapy

Acupressure uses gentle, but firm pressure, along meridian channels relieving painful blocks in the body. The healing touch of acupressure reduces tension, increases circulation, and enables the body to relax deeply. By relieving stress,acupressure strengthens resistance to disease and promote wellness. Shiatsu literally means "cure" with the touch of fingers, supporting the self-healing process, stimulating and relaxing with a light massage, revitalizing the body and soothing the soul. Jin Shin Do* is a gentle method of releasing physical and emotional tension. Jin Shin Do* helps transform painful feelings that are stored in the memory of the body which often cause chronic pain and ill.
SPA DAY-30 minute sauna followed by 1 hour Asian bodywork therapy $90.00, MINI SPA DAY-30 minute sauna followed by 15 minute neck & shoulder release $55.00. Gift Certificates also available.