Marcia Carter is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, receiving her certification from the accredited Windsong School of Healing on Vancouver Island in 2005. She recently attained her Yoga Instructor diploma, and has been practicing for twenty years. Her growing awareness of spirit led her on an wonderful journey, following her truth no matter where it led. Losing her life-partner in 1999 challenged her faith, which gradually led to finding her true place in the world. Marcia is strong believer in living an uncluttered, healthy lifestyle. Since resigning from her day job, she has dedicated her life to her holistic, enegy-healing and yoga practice. Marcia believes in the incredible power of the body/mind/spirit to provide capacity for healing on all levels. In her practice, she allows each session to unfold in its own unique way, in a safe, gentle and comfortable environment. She is here to guide and assist you on your healing journey.